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Certifications: Kosher Organics
Phone Number: 435-922-8383
Made In:
929 W Sunset Blvd., Suite 21-128, St. George,, Utah, USA 84770

With the help and support of Kosher Organics, DefenZa Organica LLC has been able to develop and market a line of paradigm-shifting organic agro-chemicals, now being introduced into both the Western world and developing economies heavily dependent on agriculture for their income.  The Kosher Organics certification carries huge weight and allows our company to enter new markets by providing a high level of trust in our product and assurances that our product line is what we represent it to be.

DefenZa, DZ is a revolutionary new organic, foliar, micronutrient fertilizer with the ability to control a wide variety of fungal pathogens, some bacteria, and small insects.  Using a patented breakthrough technology, DZ enhances crop growth, increases the plant’s own immunity and ability to stave off disease. DZ is non-toxic, user friendly, totally non-polluting, and environmentally friendly. DZ increases crop yields, leaves no detectable residues, has 0 withholding time, and does not contaminate the plant, nor harm animals, the soil, air, or nearby lakes, streams, and ponds.  DZ is Bee friendly.

DefenZa is being used in multiple countries around the world and showing dramatic results on a variety of crops especially potatoes, tomatoes, coffee, grapes, leafy greens, cassava, rice, citrus, olives and many more.

DefenZa Features and Benefits:

  • Certified Organic by Kosher Organics
  • Non toxic
  • User safe and friendly
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Conventional backpack and power sprayer application
  • Supports plant immunity
  • Increases crop yields
  • No detectable residue
  • No withholding period
  • Cost effective
  • Bee Friendly

DefenZa Organica LLC introduces DZFresh, a new kind of product, currently undergoing testing in the U.S., Costa Rica, and Thailand. Utilizing unique and proprietary organic innovations, chemistry and preservative technology, DZFresh enhances the farmers’ ability to improve disease resistance and preserve a variety of crops post harvest, including pineapples, bananas, tomatoes, and many others requiring long warehousing and/or transit times. DZFresh safely and organically significantly helps harvested fruits and vegetables resist disease, rot, and decay while increasing crop freshness and shelf life from farm to table.

DZFresh Features and Benefits:

  • No toxic constituents
  • Organic constituents
  • User safe and friendly
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Conventional spray application
  • Maintains crop freshness during packing, storage and shipping
  • Increases self-life
  • No chemical smell
  • No chemical taste
  • No diminution of color
  • Cost effective
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