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Certifications: Certified Kosher by: Kosher De Occidente S.C. Certified Organic by: Bioagricert both USDA Organic and EU Organic For all Hermosa Organic Tequila Brands
Phone Number: 949.257.3344
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Hermosa Organic Tequila is made at a third-generation family owned distillery, Tequilas Las Americas NOM 1480 in Amatitán Jalisco, Mexico

Hermosa Organic Tequila is an agricultural product, certified organic, Kosher, true farm to bottle, artisan distilled small batch tequila.  Handmade the old-fashioned way with the aim of producing a timeless spirit equal to the original 1939 Hermosa Tequila recipe. Hermosa Organic Tequila is still made the same way as almost a century ago, using certified organic agave without adding chemicals or additives.  Only the finest Tequilana Weber Blue Organic Agave is hand selected and hand harvested, then used as the sole raw material in every small batch we make. Crafted at a third-generation family owned distillery that uses the same traditional artisan distilling process. In addition to being certified as organic by the USDA and EU, blessed as Kosher by Rabbinical Law we are sustainable in our process and since the first bottle sold have agreed to plant one tree for every bottle sold.

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CATEGORY  Tequila Ultra Premium Silver

TYPE  100% Puro De Agave Organico

VARIETY  Organic Tequilana Weber Blue Agave

AGAVE SELECTION  Estate Grown 8-12 Years

COOKING Stone/Brick Oven

FERMENTATION Natural Open-Air Fermentation

DISTILLATION  Double Distillation

PRODUCTION  Limited Production

STATE  Jalisco

TOWN  Amatitan

MASTER DISTILLER  Eladio Montes Fourth-Generation

NOM 1480

OTHER:  Organic, Kosher, Gluten Free, No Additives



COLOR  Impeccable Clarity Brilliantly Crystal Clear

AROMA  Fresh Cooked Agave, Inviting Fresh Fruit Tones

TASTE  Crisp Clean Pure Cooked Agave, Light Pepper/Citrus Notes

FINISH  Extraordinarily Smooth And Balanced




CASE SIZE  6 Pack Case

ALCOHOL  40  %

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